Are boys men when it comes to girls?

Today I was asked a favor to pick up my boss’ son from school. I think he was about 7. When he saw me from a far, he waved his hands, and ran from the school gate to get to me. Warm smile, quite chatty and very active, that’s my first impression. He was polite enough to ask me if it was okay for him to go and play with his friends for a while – I let him. Not long after that, he returned back to me, and we walked together to the car.

While waiting for his mom, I thought I might as well bring him to the Golden M (I hope you all know what fast food restaurant I’m referring to). Ordered him a joyful meal, and we sat in the play ground area. He begged me to let him play, but I managed to get him to eat first. Soon, some other boys came along and they asked him to play with them. I just let them played, and watched them carefully.

All of the sudden, there was this girl joining the group – and guess what? Somehow the atmosphere in the play ground changed drastically.

I was speechless for a brief moment. The presence of that girl was so apparent and it was simply powerful. The boys were more uplifted and in a higher spirit – giggling, running, jumping and trying hard to impress the all beautiful and confident young lady.

Hmm.. It made me thinking. “Are these kids no different from us, adults who are filled with hormones and fatal attractions?” LOL

I think this picture will explain it all.

Well, I still find that moment adorable.

Give me some thoughts! 😀

Love Life Like There’s No Tomorrow,

Adrian Hendarta

~ by Adrian Hendarta on December 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Are boys men when it comes to girls?”

  1. Ohayo, adrian-san.

    Nice entry you put last night. I enjoyed reading it, and the picture was adorable. I think boys will always be boys. ^_*

  2. K’Adrian –
    wah, father-figure banget yach.

    Menurut sha2 sih, cowoq itu yach mmg caper a.k.a. attention seeker.
    Mungkin masa kecil kurang bahagia yach, kak? hihihi.


  3. Broo! keren amet sih blog elu. Count me in as your loyal reader!

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