it’s complicated.

Definitely was not the common answer to “what’s your relationship to that charming beautiful person?” up to 50-60 years ago… or maybe even some years later. In the past, it would have been much simpler: two strangers met, sparks existed, they felt in love, got married, and lived happily ever after. Although the last part ‘lived happily ever after’ could go the other way around – lived miserably ever after.

I’m not saying that “it’s complicated” is the latest trend these days. I think it’s been around for a while. But why make it complicated? Isn’t life complicated enough, and now we have to mix up love relationship into that complexity?

When someone tells you that he/ she is in a “it’s complicated” relationship with someone else – what does that mean? They are in love, but refuse to commit themselves 100%? The chemistry is up to the roof, but both parties are already in relationships? or they have sparks going on like shooting stars, but trying hard to ignore the obvious?

I’m definitely NOT an expert in architecture and interior design. I remembered back in Indonesia (my home country), there was a time when rich society had their homes designed with some qualities of Greek architecture: massive houses with majestic stairs, columns standing tall at the front porch, etc. Once that trend was gone, the minimalism ruled the architectural and interior design world.

This might be just a personal dream, or should I say a thought. Will we go back and/or move on to the minimalist era – simplicity in defining our love relationships once the ‘it’s complicated‘ trend is gone?

Share some thoughts, please. 😉

love life like there is tomorrow,

Adrian Hendarta

~ by Adrian Hendarta on December 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “it’s complicated.”

  1. Broo, gimana sih elu? ya jelas lebih seru it’s complicated.
    when it’s complicated, it means no commitment required. Mind my language, it’s like you get the service, but you don’t have to pay for it.

  2. K’Adrian, biasa tuch kebanyakan yang mau “it’s complicated” itu cowoq.
    most girls would want a more committed relationship. But I love your entry today! Who would have thought that you’re not only a songwriter, but also a blog writer and a thinker. hihihihi…


  3. what if..someone has closed his heart n waiting for someone else to take a step forward into “in a relationship” status, should it be “it’s complicated”?
    n i think that nobody’s want to have an uncertainty status, instead of that person was not serious enough..isn’t it?

  4. @ Bakrie:
    Krieee! hahaha.. mungkin buat elunya lebih seru ya, tp kan kasian cewe2nya dong. daser!
    Well, I should call you Mr.It’s Complicated then. :p

    @ Sharon:
    Thanks for the kind words. Well, obviously some guys would also want to have a committed relationship. So I think it’s going back to the individuals.

    @ Sheena:
    are you referring to a guy or a girl?
    Well, yep i guess you can categorize that into the ‘it’s complicated’ relationship.. Stepping up is also not easy. 😉

  5. Complicated status – not ready for commitment.. Menurut gue, if someone prefer buat di status it’s complicated, dia belon really serious and he/she is not worth at all buat kt tungguin.. Hehe (pengalaman pribadi nehhh).. It’s complicated menurut gue ntar end up nya, 2-2nya sakit deh..

    • Hi Pau2! it’s so good to hear from you!
      How’s Jakarta?!!
      Thanks for sharing, especially when you talked from a personal experience.
      Yeah, i think i have to agree with what you’ve said. The weird thing is.. no matter how bad the outcome will be,
      people still love to be in complicated relationships. haha

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