a Christmas note for you and me.

Merry Christmas to you!

This year, I would like you to have this thought in your mind.
What does Christmas mean to you?
Is it all about giving and receiving gifts? or is it about santa claus and Rudolf his red nose reindeers?
Men create traditions and cultures to celebrate Christmas, and often time,
all those ended up detouring what Christmas truly means.

Christmas is about Jesus, and it should be about Him and His love.
This year, instead of asking God for Christmas gift, we should ask Jesus,
what birthday gift we can give. Remember, God has given us first His son,
the greatest gift of all.

I wrote this new song, and I hope the lyrics put warmth in your heart.

The Greatest Gift of All

Twinkling lights at the Christmas tree
Light up saddened hearts
Jingling bells and joyful songs
Christmas time is here
have you eve wondered what Christmas truly means?

Some say Christmas is when you love,
the season when you give
Little children seek for gifts,
wishing santa had come
have you ever wondered what Christmas truly means?

How gracious and great is Your love
You gave Your one and only son
Jesus was born to save the world
all our sins are washed away
You’re my King reigns over the earth
Jesus, You’re the greatest gift of all

May your Christmas day be filled with love and joy,

Adrian Hendarta

~ by Adrian Hendarta on December 25, 2009.

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