Saturday April 10th 2010

Just one of those beautiful and lazy Saturdays in Spring! The weather was just perfect!
After music rehearsal at the church, I headed to Chinatown, bought the 11 am bus to Washington D.C.

While waiting on the bus station, I noticed a young fair chinese girl, with short hair and glasses on. She was talking on the phone, to a point she started shedding some tears. She did not put any effort to hide it, I guess she was too busy to worry about what others might think of her. I tried to continue my reading, but could not help but hearing her voice talking via her mobile. To cut to the chase, apparently she was begging to get back in a relationship with her ex lover.

That small but unfortunate event reminded me of me checking some photos of my recently married friend in Singapore few days ago. As I went through her wedding photos, I started to have this question tormenting my mind that day. Deciding to get married, to spend a lifetime with someone is DEFINITELY NOT easy. The thought of loving and sticking with the same person for eternity scared the hell out of me. It’s not that I am afraid to commit myself, but how do you know one is the RIGHT one for you? How do you know that you are not picking the 2nd or 3rd best, while the very best is still somewhere out there?

“Oh, my time is running out!”, “everybody else has already married and settled down!”, “my mom keep nagging me about the neighbor’s newborn, about how much she wishes to hold her own grandchild!” and so on and so on. Do these reasons and statements justify us picking the less perfect or even worse, picking the wrong ones? I know there’s no such thing as perfection, but we do know there’s such thing as almost perfect.

One might say that we are living in an era where there will always be a way out of a sour relationship. Divorce is definitely a trend these days. As a Christian, I know for sure that God does not approve divorces. Even if you are not a Christian, and you think divorce is acceptable, why would you want to go down that road, marrying someone who you’ll end up divorcing?

Share your thoughts. I think I better stop my rants before they spoil your beautiful Saturday. Enjoy the weather and have a blessed weekend!

Adrian hendarta

~ by Adrian Hendarta on April 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “MARRY ME, MARRY ME NOT….”

  1. At last you updated your blog! miss ur writing, k’Adrian!
    how have u been?
    About your question, I think you just have to follow and be true to your heart. Once you meet the right one, you just know – at least that’s what I heard from others.

    XoXo, ShaLie

  2. it’s not about who’s the best, but it’s about who is the person you’d be comfort with to spent a lifetime together..and when u r ready to accept and appreciate the whole person (bad n good), means u r not wrong in picking a person..i mean, there is a lot of people out there, n its true that nobody is perfect, n there’s always someone better n better n better…so, it won’t stop..just b grateful for what u’ve got..
    there’s no one could guarantee a happily ever after..all back to it’s person..whether u r trying your best to keep ur marriage hold still or not?

  3. My mom’s been bugging me to get married as well. It’s a trend nowadays, whether you like it or not. But hmm, I agree with you, to find The One is not easy at all. Even the duration of the relationship won’t help to justify that. I guess I could only give an opinion based on a quote I read somewhere, which tells something like this: you know that she/he is The One when you could always find a way out despite all obstacles and keep falling in love deeper as day passes. And not the other way around. Because that’s what marriage is supposed to be like, where you and your partner keeps loving each other more and more. Hahaha I hope I don’t confuse you 😛

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