Start Your Day with Optimism!

This morning I woke up super early to give myself one last shot to apply for my Pennsylvania driving license. I had been trying for more than four times, and for some reason, the transfer from my NY driving license to PA’s was not successful. It seems like the rivalry between NY and Philadelphia was not settled well from previous World Series, when The Yankees killed Phillies’ dream to win again for the second consecutive time. I guess since then, Philadelphia has been secretly holding this grudge, and somehow affecting my life in a way.

Waking up to such unpleasant thought, I forced myself to get up from my cozy bed and took a shower. I put on my casual black t-shirt and heavily washed jeans, then ran down the stairs with a load of pessimism. When I was about to leave the house, there was this almost unheard yet firm voice spoke to me, “this ain’t right! Go back up and CHANGE!”
I hurried myself back up, picked one of my favorite shirts, and put some wax on my hair. You know what happened next? Somehow within me, I transformed into a different person, a man of optimism and confidence. I walked with my chin up, and I BELIEVED that I WOULD GET MY LICENSE today!

To concise my experience at PennDOT, I went through the security desk with no problem at all. I got my queue ticket number, and waited. While waiting for my turn, I double checked all the required documents. They all were there. “Perfect!”, so I thought.
The officer called my number, and kindly went through my documents with her check-list. Everything was fine to the point she asked, “Where’s the letter from your employer?” That question struck me like lightning. I tried to argue with her that the checklist I had did not mention about requiring that letter at all. Somehow, I convinced her that I-797c form from the government should be good enough as the verification of employment. The consulate officer back in Indonesia stapled that form at the back of my passport, and alas, beneath that form, there was this white almost rugged and folded paper, the letter from my current employer. My heart was grateful, and not more that 15 minutes, I had my Pennsylvania temporary driving license, which will be replaced by a permanent one within 15 days.

Can you see how powerful an optimistic heart and mind is? Being optimistic has the power to transform bad circumstances into good ones. When you start your day, you have the choice. The decision is solely yours, either to have a good or crappy day. It all depends on how you begin your day. When you start your day with optimism, no matter how many challenges, how crappy your day goes, you will definitely end the day victoriously. YES, there is a champion in you!!

Adrian Hendarta

~ by Adrian Hendarta on April 17, 2010.

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