Introducing My Christmas album: Christmas New Music

I just had a busy weekend – designing invitation cards to IFGF church Christmas Celebration, printing and cutting them, then put them into envelopes. I was told that if I wanted the whole process to be faster, I should have asked favors from the ladies in the church who work in paper factories (no offense intended). They have established some sort of system to put in papers in envelopes as fast as humanly possible.

So if you happen to be in town on December 24th, 2009, I would like to invite you to come to our Christmas Celebration as well.

This week will be hectic for me, going to try to finish up “The Best Gift Ever”, a short movie I produce, write, direct and edit for that event. I am going to post the final result of the movie in my blog for you to see . In addition to working with the movie, I’m going to compose the original soundtrack, and also to do the film scoring. All these in one week. Pfuhhh… 😉

Most important of all, I would like to introduce my Christmas album, “Christmas New Music”. It is NOT new release – but I’m still excited about it. I recorded this album before I went to Berklee. So please check it out – I think they should be available in CD stores in Indonesia. In Medan, this CD is exclusively sold at ET 45. For those in US, I have 10 more CDs left. If you want to get the CD, please contact me via email. This CD includes Christmas standards, with some new arrangements – a mix of dance, pop, and smooth jazz music. Some of the songs I recorded in this CD are Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, Noel, Silent Night, White Christmas and 5 other songs.
Thank you!
Love Life like There’s no Tomorrow,

Adrian Hendarta

~ by Adrian Hendarta on December 15, 2009.

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